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Frequently Asked Questions


Currently, the only way to get a course from E-Trainings is to purchase it. You can purchase the course online or in-person.

The course is designed for students who want to learn more about Facebook Ads Break and how to create effective ads for their business.

The target audience for E-Trainings are students who want to know how to make money with Facebook Ads Break.

The best way to get more information about the course is to go to our website and click on the course link. Alternatively, you can also speak to one of our team members on the phone or in person.

No, anyone can get access to the course. Just go to our website and fill in the form to sign up for the course.

The course helps students learn how to run effective Facebook ads. It covers topics like creating a strategy, setting up your account, running ads, measuring results and more.

1. PC and Internet Connection
2. Facebook Pages (will be used for the course)
3. Some small investment to Complete Facebook Instream Ads

Yes, you can join the course even if you are not a student. You can register for the course online or in person.

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Learn the latest in Facebook advertising before your competition does, with a course that is on-demand and available online or at one of our locations.